Update a table on a weekly basis using information from another table

Hello everyone! I’m currently developing an app that requires that certain users answer a form to grade something (in this case the users are professors grading their classes in that week). After all teachers from that class have answer the form I want to calculate the average grade of the teachers for that class and change another table (classification table that contains all the classes and their current score) by incrementing the average grade to the number of points that class had acumulated until that week. How can I trigger this event? It doesn’t require user action so I’m a bit confused. Is it possible to trigger the change of the classification table score with the change of the week or the number of professors that have answered the form?

You could do it when the last professor adds the grade.
Use a rollup column to count the number of grades that have been added, and compare that to the number of expected grades (ie. the number of professors).
Then have a conditional action that’s used when a professor adds a grade:

  • if the number of grades added is one less than expected (meaning that the current grade is the last one expected), then update the values in your other table/s
  • otherwise just add the grade.

But I’m using a Form Screen. I can’t change the action of that button. Should I create a Custom Screen and do that? I’m unsure about how to create a Custom Screen that acts like a Form Screen → with a button that adds a row to the table with new information without changing the previous row

You could use an onSubmit action, although that probably won’t work as you wont have the values from the final submission available to calculate the values that you need. So yes, you’ll most likely need to use a Custom Form.

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