ChatGPT with History

Hey Guys, Hope you all well,

Would appreciate some help here. Just trying to create a general chatbot with history. Not sure what im doing wrong :

Heres my Users table (There is a row ID)

Here is my chatHistory column :

Here is my Form settings

Here is the error I get :

Any help would be appreciated!

Why is your response setup not pointing anywhere? If you set it to the Content column would it work?

Here’s how I set it up (21:00)


Hey Robert,

Actually following along with your video lol…But I think there may be an issue with the session Id’s, Because yours had a recipe to look up on wheres mine is just a general chatbot I think I may have messed something up with the SesionID’s. Even if i do put the repsonse column in it dosent work

If you want history, you need to have some sort of session ID, otherwise, the chat won’t know the thread to follow.

So, you’ll need to concoct some sort of session ID for the bot to follow. When is the chat being used? What’s the purpose of the chat?

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