Chat becomes unresponsive

My app’s URL:
Device: iPhone Xs Max
OS: 14.4

When using Chat, it’s possible to cause the app to become somewhat unresponsive.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Double tap on the most recent message, or on an empty area. A white bar will appear above the tab icons.
  2. The UI will becomes unresponsive, unless you click the + button to add a new message, swipe up or down on the white bar, or return to the device home screen.

Couldn’t reproduce on Android, but is it possibly attempting to zoom the screen when you double? Just a wild guess.

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I couldn’t reproduce it today until I discovered additional step to reproduce. Call it step 0. Make a new message and send it. Then do steps 1 and 2. Perhaps only occurs with relatively recent messages?

Yes, if you close the app completely, then return to the app it will no longer exhibit this bug. Only after adding a new message is it possible to trigger again.

In step 1, tap multiple times in an empty area and it may jump to another tab and remain somewhat unresponsive.

Still couldn’t duplicate, but I’m running Android, so m not sure if it may be an iOS issue???

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Yes, seems likely it’s an iOS issue.

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