Charts Min vs Max not displaying accurately

I am trying to compare values in a chart that will give the the remaining “Oil Life” or “Service Life” on equipment.

For example, the Maximum value has to be smaller than the Minimum value to compare accurately. A piece of equipment is showing a current odometer reading of 7646.2. The last service was conducted when the odometer was reading 7152. Therefore, the next service needs to be conducted at 8152.

When the odometer was reading 7152, it had 100% “life” remaining, and now at 7646.2 it should have 50.58% “life” remaining. However, when I set the max value to a number that is smaller than the Min. value, I always get 0.

Is there a way that I can get around this?

Nevermind. For some reason it works with full circle and not half circle layout.

I guess I’ll have to stick with the full circle layout for now.

I would just do the math to figure it out. Set your min to the previous service reading. Set your max to the next service reading. Then to calculate, use a math column to find the difference between the max and current, and add the min to that result. That will be your current value for the chart. (Max-Current+Min)