Change to free password protected app

Hi all,

I used a glide template for an app to hold zoom links for some university teaching we are doing during lockdowns. It has worked really well.

I put a password on it as it was a feature

Had an email today from glide saying there is soon to be a charge for any free app using passwords and if not paid they will revert to only one user at a time.

Does anyone know a) when this is coming in exactly and b) if I remove the password feature if possible will it continue to work as usual?

Thanks in advance

Could try this: No More Private Apps for multiple Users?

Yes, Public apps can have unlimited users at the same time.

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Thanks both.

This app was to see how things worked for the three weeks we had some students and it has been fab for what it was needed for

I think if we have need for a longer term use I would ask the team if we could subscribe to make it a permanent fixture and to see if there were other ways we could use glide apps

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