Change account to another email

Hi everyone,
I am an early adopter of Glide and created my app (a church app) under my church secretary account. Now that my term is coming to a close, I am will be transition as my church tech manager. I was wondering if I can change the ownership of the app from my secretary email to now my tech manager email.

I know that there is a possibility to clone the app and sheet, but I think I will lose some grandfather in features.

Also on a side note, Glide is amazing!

You might want to contact the Glide team to see if they will allow you to clone the app and keep your grandfathered features. I think they have helped some people out on a case by case basis.

“Grandfathered features?” I knew I should have been working at this sooner. Ha.

@Les_Henderson Apps that exceeded the limits of the Free version prior to the change were grandfathered in.

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Thank you all. I reached out to them and they were able to resolve my issue. Hail Mark!

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