Challenges app

It’s kind of a game for people doing CrossFit where if they complete the challenges they gain some experience points and earn new ranks.

This is actually part of my main app which is related to many things about training and nutrition but I’m proud of it alone so I wanted to share it with you since I just started with Glideapps and found the community really helpful!

Link to the app:

Special thanks to @Robert_Petitto for the youtube tutorials which helped me a lot to build this, @ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager and all the experts helping people like me.


Some inputs from me:

  • In the Challenges tab, after I have created my profile, the form button does not go away. Is there something wrong at the back end? You can use visibility settings for this (based on user name or user image is not empty), and then show a title component with the image and the name to provide a better look for that tab, while make sure people don’t submit multiple times and mess up your sheet. You can use it as your “Profile” tab as well, no need to have 2 tabs for this in my opinion.

  • Should the challenges be visible after I have created my profile? I can’t access it here.

It created a duped profile for you, one blank and the other one with the pic and the Name, I think it must be because of that since the button is supposed to go away when Name is not empty, try again if you can

It’s working now thank you. To avoid that from happening, I would advise you to use a text entry and an image picker, and not a form button.

Nice use of Cloudinary! But why do we have to wait for approval? How do you approve that in the back end, using a formula or something?

Cool, thank you! Yeah, didn’t even think about text entry and image picker, you’re right.
You have to wait for me to validate, not a formula, it’s just so people can’t troll the leaderboard :smiley:

Make sure you set “row owner” to the email column so that users can only edit their own record.

Think of a logic to automatically validate it, or else you’ll be drowned when there are so many records to validate.

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Hopefully it’s working ok now, changed profile to be edited with a text entry and an image picker like you said instead of sent via form to avoid that dupe lines in the sheet. What doesn’t work is row owners (leaderboard only shows the person logged in then) but I believe they can’t edit any other’s stuff since profiles tab is filtered by signed in user.

It’s ok now, the thing you need to sort out now is the logic to validate the submissions automatically. Let me know if I can help.