Carry Down Formulas

I use the app to calculate tithes, a tenth of my gross income. I set up my spreadsheet with 3 principal functions. A page to add each income as I get my paychecks. This page calculates the % of each paycheck and a checkbox if paid up or not. Another page calculates the total tithes I currently owe. And another page records each completed tithe as I pay them.

Right now, I cannot figure out how to carry down the formulas on the spreadsheets as I add rows through the app. Which makes the app useless as I anyway need to go to my spreadsheets and carry down each formula.
(If I carry the formulas down in advance, say, for the next 50 rows, then adding a row through the app adds to row 51.)
Is there any (simple?) way to carry down formulas?
I tried using ArrayFormulas but I can’t get them to multiply 2 of the columns in each individual row, And I have a column of SUMIFS formulas.


(Also, when I delete rows, the check boxes remain in that column.)

I would encourage you to move these calculations to the Glide data editor. Not only will these issues disappear, but your app will provide a much better user experience, as all calculations will happen instantly.

If you would like to explore this approach, but are not sure how to do it, if you can provide some sample data and examples of the current formulas you are using in the Google Sheet, then we can offer some guidance.


How would I calculate 10% of a preceding column?


Thank you, turns out the source of my problem is that in Glide Tables you can only see the Math options when adding a new column, not editing an existing one, I didn’t even think to try that for weeks.

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