Carrousel Images In March 2021

How in March 2021 create a Carrousel Images with Glide Tables, dont work the columns Img1,Img2,im3.


Create a Template column that joins each individual image column with a comma separator between each value. Then create a Split Text column that splits the template value into an array that you can use for the carousel.


Works perfectly for me, thks, Jeff :cherry_blossom:
Could it work for videos carrousel, too?
I mean, carrouseling for ex the Youtube thumbnails and enable the launching of the forefront video?

I just tried with the same technique Template + Split. But from the component, the Split Videos column (with succeeded in displaying an array or urls) does not even show in the list of targets).
But if I select an image component, it does show the Split column but does’nt show the images, just a placeholder.

Post videos to know better to understand what you are doing.Thanks in advance.

No it won’t work with videos. The image component is kind of special in that it can accept single values as well as an array of multiple value. It is one of the only (if not THE only) component that works that way. It doesn’t do anything special or give you additional feature other than being able to view multiple photos with a carousel effect.

I think the video component is quite a bit different. It’s probably more of an iframe embed of a video player, instead of some basic html with image tags.


Thanks for the tip Jeff, I didn’t understand the source of problem but now by using a Make Array column, the workaround is easier.




I hope these videos are helpful. sorry for my English