Card Collection That Link to Tabs

Hi everyone, new to glide and have a question.

I’m trying to create two cards that act as visual links to different tabs. So when you click one, it just opens a tab, if you click the other, it opens the other tab.

I’ve tried to create a collection that’s connected with a table that has two entries (one for each tab), but can’t seem to get those to link to a tab. I can get have both cards link to the same tab using the ‘item click’ option but then both cards open the same tab…

I’ve also tried just creating two container components and build a card that way (with image/title/button) but the downside there is the containers just fill the screen and don’t seem to position themselves side by side…

Any way to achieve this? The use case is a very touch friendly menu for tablets at a trade show…

Here’s an easy, but not dynamic way of achieving this.

Create a custom action on the inline list that checks what the card’s title is. If it’s one thing, then go to tab 1, if it’s another thing, go to tab 2.

Here’s an example:


Dude, that’s perfect. Thanks for showing me the custom actions approach, works like a charm. Thanks so much!!!

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Just beautiful, Robert. :green_heart:

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Yeah it’s pretty flexible. Instead of going to tab, you could have it show profile screen, open web view, trigger web hook, etc.

For menu items that I hadn’t built yet, I simply said show notification > “coming soon.”

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I use this approach all the time for dashboard type screens. The only change that I make is to use an “Index Number” to reference each row, rather than the name. This makes it a little more robust in that nothing breaks if I change a name and forget to update the action.


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