Carbon footprint / Carbon efficiency of Glide

Hello y’all!

:footprints: On behalf of my client, I would like to know what is the carbon footprint of a Glide App, or any kind of information related to carbon efficiency.

I didn’t find anything on the website. I know I need to check that with all the tools of my stack. Even if there is not much displayed at any editor at the moment, I wanted to ask.

Anything about the following items would help:

  • Green data centers?
  • Carbon emissions compensation / offsetting?
  • Distributed calculations (for example, a part of the calculations are not centralized in servers but distributed to the en-users, in their web browser)?
  • Bulk ratio like: A standard Glide App equals 3 times less carbon imprint as a coded App?

Thank you and if there is no information yet, I’ll ask again in 5 years :wink:

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Thanks for asking, good question!

I calculated my carbon footprint for 2022 and I’m at 2,3 tonnes, slightly above the goal of the EU for its citizens. I’m afraid I didn’t include Glide in the calculator (I’m being serious.)

Under 2 tonnes here I come.

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