Can't upload icon picture and Relation Column don't show inline list

Hello, I have problem to change icon picture. When I upload my picture, it still show uploading and never change anything.

Another problem I create The Relation Column(From this picture) and use inline list to show name in relation column but it isn’t show anything. I use for show people that Row owner see people in relation column.

How can I solve this?

Sorry for my bad english.
Thank you.

For the icon, try clearing your browser’s cache (I saw @Jeff_Hager suggest this a couple times yesterday and it worked for a few folks).

For the inline list, try refreshing your browser window and see if that does it. If you recently enabled Row Owners, I’ve found that a browser refresh is sometimes needed to get the “owned” items to show in the builder’s preview area.

I try clear cache, change browser and computer but it’s same.

For the inline list, I try refreshing a lot but It’s not show anything :sob: :sob: