Can't remove Form icon from Home Screen

Hey, I have just completed building my app and sorted everyone out but there’s this icon on the top right of my Home Screen which is there and I can’t find a way to remove it. I never added it, and when clicked it always redirects to a form component which submits nothing, from which I removed all existing components but I can’t hide the form and the icon itself. There’s no visibility option to toggle also.
I will attach the screenshots below.

Please let me know how I can solve this. It’s the only thing stopping me from sharing my app and any help would be great. Thank you!

Screenshot 2

Just uncheck “allow users to add items”.
CleanShot 2022-03-19 at 15.06.36@2x


Oh wow, thank you so much!! It was a swipe component for me, but never went there. Really appreciate the quick help!!

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