Can't find the "This row" option when creating queries

I’m creating a query for a particular column and when I want to put the details of an exisitng column from the table I’m creating the query in, into the custom section that appears. But I cannot find the “this row” option. Can anyone help me why is this happening? Like it wasn’t happening before when I was working in different project but is happening in this project.

Below is the attached Images of both the views of different projects, where I’m able to see the “this row” option and the other one where I’m not able to see, even-though in both the projects I’m implementing the same process or method or feature.

Does anyone know why’s this happening and how to fix it?

Can’t see -

Can see -

May be this row have no numeric columns?


Oh, yeah right I didn’t selected the numeric option in the type of the column. And I wasn’t able to notice. Thanks a lot.

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