Can't edit my app

My app’s URL:
Hi !

I was working on my app but now I can’t access it (it’s loading indefinitely).
other apps are still available, any help please ? (I’m supposed to publish it today).

Can you try signing out then back in? I think you may have been signed out. Or try another browser?

@david thanks for your reply !
Already tried signing out + other browser and still can’t reach the app …
Any other ideas ?

Hi @david,

Did you have the opportunity to take a look at what might be wrong ?
I just hope I haven’t lost 2 days of work here :-/


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Can you give us more information? Where in the world are you? What browser are you using? Can you try another browser? Does it only happen with this one app?

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I’m in France, using the latest version of Chrome, and yes it’s only happening with this app (even if I duplicate it, I can’t access it).
Issues are the same on Safari.
Is there any other useful information I can provide ?

Hi @david, did you had the opportunity to take a look at my issue ?
Thx a lot

Sorry, @PierreM — assigning to an engineer.

@PierreM Please share the specific app links with us. I have checked the account associated with your Community email and both apps load appropriately. Are you 100% sure you aren’t accidentally logging in with a separate Google account?

@Daniel_Sweet Thanks for your answer.
By specific link you mean this one ?

100% sure yes, I only have one Google account.
I can access my account on go.glide, open all apps I’ve created, it’s just about the one above that I have the infinite loader (capture in cc).

It’s now working again, thanks guys !