Cannot see or edit anymore my app after login

Hi support,

Today I cannot see anymore my app “Recruiting app” in my profile. If I surf the link provided down here the page don’t load. I still can see the app on my phone but not from desktop.
Can you help me please? If needed I’ll redo the app but it would be a shame if this will happen again.

Thanks a lot

My app’s URL:

Hey @riarn94 - sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your app.

I can access it via desktop absolutely fine. Do you mean it’s not appearing in the list of apps in your dashboard at

Have you read this article? Often adblockers or content blockers can affect things - might be worth a read through.

Exactly I cannot see my app in my dashboard. Tried in chrome private mode wiping the cache but I get to the same result.

For information, when clicking on the app link, I get a blank screen (from my mobile / chrome).

Maybe this console errors can help understand the problem

It appears that you have an ad blocker or some other chrome extension, or perhaps a policy on your corporate network that’s preventing glide from connecting to its backend.

The error states that “you do not have a healthy Internet connection” — is there anything to that?