Can't deselect "show search bar" & it's confusing

Why can’t I deselect “show search bar” on this choice option page?

It doesn’t look problematic in the builder but it looks much more confusing on the phone.

It’s already confusing that people are often left with an X (which looks like, ‘nevermind leaving page’) to acknowledge their selection…but then adding a magnifying glass (which looks more-so like it would the button to acknowledge your selections) which instead brings you to a new search-within situation, it’s un-intuitive and continuously stumps people in the process of creating their searches.

Isn’t it a search on your choice component? And the checkbox that you show is for the tab level, which likely consists of multiple components that have their search bar enabled.

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The problem is that searchers think they are going to get results on that page by hitting the magnifying glass but they aren’t, they just need to confirm their selections at the top…

the selections are getting filtered into the main group of choices here:

So the search functionality on that selection page is confusing (bc it’s not the page you actually search for results on) so i just want to be able to get rid of the search magnifying glass but it looks like i can’t