Can't add IMAGES to the 4th tab of my glideapp. Very Weird

Hi Gliders,

I am facing a weird bug. I can’t see the image component on the 4th tab of my Glideapp.

Also, when I added a 5th tab, I just can’t add anything to the tab. The ADD COMPONENT PAGE disappears.

Is anyone else facing the same issue?

I haven’t run out of any limit.

On your 5th tab, you’re using a list view so naturally you shouldn’t be able to add components, no?

This was happening to me today too. I haven’t seen anything that would point to it being related to number of tabs though; it happened to me on tab 3. But, I would describe it as the tabs screen disappearing and not the add component screen.

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Sorry my bad, I mean do you notice the left component that shows the TAB LIST and all is missing.

Something has changed for sure because it feels like something is definitely missing

Then please submit a support ticket.

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