Cannot sign in (dashboard/builder)

I thought I would notify I haven’t been able to sign in for about 10 minutes. Berlin, currently 19:46 CET. I’ll try again later :slight_smile:


The same here

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Glide platform seems 100% up actually

A whale must have eaten that blessed oceanic undersea cable … :man_facepalming:

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Hey everyone,

We are aware of this and engineering is working on it.


That sounds good but, I prefer to believe that someone is making use of being able to paste data into Glide tables and started uploading the entire inventory of a pharmacy line.:joy::joy:


Damn ion cannon! :rofl:


This issue has been resolved.

If you are still facing it please let us know,

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My sheets can not be reloaded.

Having issues still. No new items show in app after submission.

New Google Sheet rows not showing up in app.

Anything I can do to help test/troubleshoot?

Let me know if perhaps I should create a separate post?


Have you refreshed the browser?

In my case, refreshing doesn’t help. The wheel keeps spinning.

Where are you located?


My instance has been functioning normally for about an hour now. Berlin 22:27 CET.