Cannot control component visibility based on logged-in state

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Hi, I have suddenly lost my ability to control visibility of a component based on logged in/logged out username.
It was fine a couple of hours ago.
Anyone else?

Do you mean that the feature doesn’t work? Or you can’t find it? Can you make a demonstration and share it?

It’s not appearing on the drop-down under Features. Sorry, how do I make a demonstration?

Show us with a video or screenshots.

The feature is now under Filter. Maybe it moved since you looked last?

It’s the same for both filter and visibility, across all components. Was fine this morning.

Doesn’t look like your username column is registering as an email column. Does your username column contain email addresses?


OK, fixed it. I had an entry in the email column that wasn’t a correct email address. Thank you for the clue!


Is it a problem to use email addresses as usernames generally?

I suppose that’s up for debate. I personally prefer to use my email as a username because I never forget my email address. If you want to use any per user or signed in user functionality in Glide, you need an email address.