Cannot Add Components to App

Pretty simple…I go into my app, attempt to add a component, it then goes to a white page and the page does not load anything. It’s made it so I cannot add any components in one tab of my app. It will work in other tabs, but not this one…

If someone would like to take a look at this in-depth I’d be happy to link you to my app and sheet, think it’s best if I don’t post it publically though.

It is happening when I try to add a component to the Add screen for the expenses tab.

Here are screenshots of where this error is occurring and a picture of the white page I’m experiencing. If I refresh that white page it will lead me back to the edit screen of the app with no component added.

With this same app I am also running into an issue where I cannot add anything to it, both from a browser and from the chrome install of the app on my computer. If I add an entry it will show up in the app, but if I refresh the browser the entry will disappear.

It will however work if I go into the editor and add the entry, that will get transferred to google sheets without any issues. I thought for a moment this may because I’m up against some limit…but I’m no where near it.

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 1.41.08 PM

Could you try again, please?

If you still encounter the problem, could you please share the app and tell me exactly how to reproduce the crash?

It works now, thank you.

Hi Mark, I am new here and I am having a similar problem as described in this thread New Recording - 9.11.2023 19.58.47. I have waited almost 24 hours and it keeps doing the same. Can you help me in what I am doing wrong?

Have you tried dragging the components into the component panel in the lower left corner of the builder screen? Or have you tried just clicking on the component without trying to drag it anywhere? I guess I’ve never tried to drag components into the screen itself. I either just click on the component to add it or drag it into the lower left panel, which is where you select and maintain each component.

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Thank you very much Jeff for answering so quickly. Much appreciated. Merely clicking it did the trick.

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