Can you restore a deleted component?

I understand that when you delete a component, the data is not lost. So, I would imagine that it wouldn’t be very difficult to restore. I can re-add the component, and the data’s still there, but it’s not visible. There are no visibility components set. Is there a way to restore a deleted component?

No, I don’t believe there is currently a way to restore a component, unless you catch it in time and can click on the undo button.

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Thank you.

When I change my Price to an email column, I get my Buy button back.

But the price is $439.

So I added a price column to that sheet, with the correct price. But when I change my Price to my price column, my button disappears.
Can you think of anything I should try?

Do you have a value for that price column?

Pls additionally make sure (if it is the case):

  1. Sheet is not protected by email rowID etc.

  2. If sheet needs rowID, create live copy of sheet and use buy button on live copy.

  3. RowID generated by USP not an issue.

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I do, but it’s irrelevant because the button disappears, when I draw from the price column. I think I need to figure out where that $439 came from. If I can locate it, maybe I can change it.

I was asking that because when I had this exact problem in the past, it was because the price column is empty. Not sure if other fields tied to the button being empty would cause it to disappear or not.

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Yeah, I actually added a price column to that sheet but, when I selected it, the button disappeared.

I’m pretty sure I need an SKU column for the product ID. Is there a way to generate random SKU numbers, like you do with row IDs?

You can add a unique identifier in the form where you add a new product, or just add a rowID column as your SKU.

I added a row ID column for the Product ID, but the button still isn’t visible.

There has to be something we’re missing. I would try adding all fields used for the buy button to the screen as text components just to verify that the button is using the correct data. Also double check that there is no visibility conditions on the button. I’m sure you’ve checked all that, but I’m not sure what else to check.

Also try duplicating the app just to see if it works in the duplicate.


I got it! :grinning: Because it’s a search tab, the tutor gets a new row, every time they’re selected. It finally occurred to me that I didn’t know which row it was drawing from…lol And really great news is that I don’t have to create SKU numbers for every row, I can just use the Row ID.:grin: Thank you so much, everyone, for all your help.