Can we have the signature pad in glide page?

Hello, i see in various topic we should now use Glide Page, but in my case i can’t switch my glide app into glide page without the feature signature pad. Do we know if this option gonna be available in page soon ?

Also, maybe we have a similar option or hack right now ?

Thank’s for your help !

The signature feature is currently under development by Glide.

It is a part of the arriving components, Glide told us it’s “in progress”, with a new “request signature” action coming along with it.


Ok, because without that I can’t switch to glide page, so maybe I gonna prepare the future app with page and wait for it. idk.

I believe most of us experts build exclusively on Pages nowadays, since Glide has said it’s the product they will focus on in the future.

Yeah, but as i see, without the “CSS”, we are limited in glide page at the moment.

Just to compare 1 thing we have in APP and don’t in page.

The map in a APP show in all page (height, width), so it’s look pretty, but not in page, but I guess with css we can resolve it (but more expensive).

Or another thing, in Glide App we can do card horizontal list, where is so much important in a “APP”.

And of course the signature pad for me is so important because i need it.

But i gonna prepare like i said the app, and then wait for theses updates and probably switch to business plan to have the CSS in page.

As far as I understand it, the spirit of Glide is that anyone can build an app and that you could not make an ugly app even if you tried to. If Glide sticks to this spirit, there is no reason it would give builders CSS to make their apps look pretty, for the simple reason that Glide apps are supposed to look pretty by default, and not everyone can do CSS anyway.

If a component does not display nicely, then the problem is not the absence of a CSS feature, but rather that Glide needs to fix the component.

I can imagine CSS being a business or enterprise feature (which it is), not necessarily to tweak the design, but rather for the apps of enterprise customers to respect corporate identity requirements.

“Horizontal Cards & Grid collections” are in the pipeline, they are coming up.


After a long time promoting CSS here, I’m down with this idea going forward :sweat_smile:


Signature was now ready to be use into glide page ! :heart_eyes:


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