Can we delete "Install App" in the menu?

We are referring to this icon, it was not there before. It should be made optional

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I have a list style screen/tab and this is one thing I need remove so I can submit to the iOS store do you have any advice ?

No, that’s not possible on a list-styled screen. I also wouldn’t recommend using CSS in Apps anymore as that can break anytime.

Hi! I know this is an old topic. Not sure if the person above was able to accomplish this removal in Glide Pages or not. However, are you are that this code works in glide pages to remove the “Install App” from the menu?

And if not, is there another way to accomplish this?

This used to work only on Classic Apps and I’m pretty sure that same code snippet won’t work on Glide Pages.

For Pages (or the new Glide Apps, as they’re called now), you would have to be on Business/Enterprise to use CSS. It does apply globally, instead of you having to paste the code on every possible screen, but you would have to work out, from your device, what the CSS classes you must use and change the code accordingly.


Is there a way to block or hide the install-app pop-up for every user? I have a use case where it would be weird for visitors to the public page (like a webpage) to request to install the app.

Try this in a paid app (latest pricing has this on all paid plans).

div[class*="add-to-homescreen"] {
display: none;

thanks ThindDinh!!!

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Did it work for you?

No I tried but it keeps asking to install the app.

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Hmm, maybe the CSS isn’t loaded fast enough? I don’t know.