Can the home screen of app be a large image ?(logo)

I want to open the app to a full screen image of my logo. Is that possible, couldnt figure it out. thanks

As long as the image is large enough, you can set it 1:1 Edge to Edge:
Doesn’t “fit” boundaries though, so depending on the size of the device, the image will be scrollable.


thats great. thank you. I still dont know which feature I would use as a tab or layout to start with an image. Basically I want to display the image as a home screen and then move on from there to the workflow. Any ideas?

Hey Robert… If you want an image as a pre-loader, then the answer is no.
However I’d recommend you use an image editor and create the menus in your image, cut it out, and add the menu of your app with images… So you have clickable images.

how to put image to space in choice component??

You could use a generic home tab with just the image. Then, allow image to link to screen…but it’s kind of a gimmick as backing out of the next screen would just show the image again. There is no preloader.

Not possible. Only Emojis would work.

ok… :slight_smile: