Can´t delete datetime value over API

Hey Gliders,

I would like to delete the content of a date/time field.

How can I do this via the API?
I have already tried EMPTYSTRING, NULL, NBSP, SPACE - the originally set VALUE remains in the field.

( i´m the rowowner )

Thank you very much!

Have you tried ""?


I can confirm that works :+1:

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“” isn´t a valid format i the glide-make-modul. the input format must be datetime. eventually it could work in the http-request modul.

ah, you should have specified that you were using the Make module.

The Glide API will accept an empty string for a date column, and will clear it, but the Make Glide module is more strict. I had a play around with it but I couldn’t find any obvious way to do it with the Make Glide module. As you say, you may need to use a HTTP module instead.

I’ve just tested this. It does work for me.

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