Can One Component Populate Multiple Columns?

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Can one component populate the same answer into multiple columns? I would like a date picker to populate the date into multiple columns (pick once, that date appears in multiple columns).

Similarly, answer ‘yes’ either via a button or a choice component…and that populates a ‘yes’ into 10 different columns.

Is that possible, or can I make the date/yes populate one column and the rest then copy that and also become the same date/or a yes?

There’s several ways to do that depending on what your goal is. A computed column s such as a Template column can show the same value from another column. If you need a basic column to be populated, then you can use a Set Column action to set a value in another column. All depends on how your app is set up and how you want it to work.

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Thank you Jeff!

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Just curious, may I know what is the use case here? Are you trying to make the chosen value the “default” for multiple other columns?


No. I’m trying to use the app to fill a spreadsheet that already exists (and I can’t change the columns). As an example, there’s a date column for when you start the form and finish the form, and today’s date. In practical terms, all three dates will always be the same. So, for simplicity, I want to have one date picker, but for it to fill all three fields.

Further into the spreadsheet, there is a field for a driver’s name, the person filling in the form and the person inspecting. These will also always be the same person. So, I want a text field to enter a name, but it fills all three fields at the same time.

Would an arrayformula be simpler for your use case? It would also work if your “original” field changes any time, so the changes are updated to the other columns.

Yes, good point, that would work too. Thanks

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