Can I Use Split Text Relation

Hello I have 1 column that shows users interest

For example

Name -> Interests
Bahadır -> Basketball, Yoga, Camping, Books
Marie -> Football, Yoga, Dance, Movies
Justin -> Basketball, Books, movies, football

I want to make a relation percantage

for example harmony of Justin and Marie is %50 (Football, Movies)
Bahadir - Marie has %25 (Only Yoga)

When someone look profile he can see harmony percantage between user and profile

I think you can use =(COUNTIF(Basketball-football, “true” ))/(total number of Interests)

But split text will not exist on google sheets

can you share your data table?

I will do and send :slight_smile: I tried yesterday and deleted project. I create from zero

Let’s me build a simple for you

Is it true?

I think this would only work within Glide if you have a sheet with Names and another sheet with name and interest listed on separate rows.

  • Create a relation between the Name sheet and Name/Interest sheet using name.
  • Using that relation, create a rollup to get a total count of all interests for each name.
  • In both sheets, create a template column that contains the Name, joined with the user profile name, so the name of each user is joined with the signed in user on each row.
    • Bahadir - Bahadir
    • Marie - Bahadir
    • Justin - Bahadir
  • In the Name/Interest sheet, create a relation that links the interest to each interest in the same sheet.
  • Using that relation, create a lookup to get an array list of of the joined names (Marie - Bahadir) that contains the same that interest.
  • In the Name sheet, create another relation that links the joined names template value to the lookup of joined names in the Name/Interest sheet. This should give you a list of rows of matching interests between both users.
  • Using that relation, create a rollup to get a total count of all matching interests.
  • Now divide the total count of matching interests by the count of total interests and that should give you the percentage.

I solved this issue via make 4 chooice component and 4 column.

I think it is ok. I love glide because you can always a way to do something :slight_smile:

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