Can I use INR (Indian Rupees ) currency for Buy button

How can I use Indian rupees (INR) currency for buy button ?

You can’t at this time. It is not an option. You can set up your Stripe account in any of their offered currencies however. You won’t see that in Glide however.

Thank you Georg for your response. As I am developing application for indian consumer and user would prefer to make payment in rupees (INR).
Is any plugin to showcase INR instead of dollar on buy button.

You could write your own website code and use a URL to launch that. You can pass URL parameter that would allow you to pass in any information you wanted. Then your HTML would run the necessary CC payment code.

Hi Mark;
Thank you so much for reaching out. Would it be possible to track your location.

I am creating an app for local food delivery app. User will see restaurants according to user location.

I am looking forward your response.

We will eventually build that feature, but I can’t give you a timeline yet.

Any move on that? Need to make transactions in EUR. Paying for premium app for now but USD isn’t going to cut it for me. Thanks

Apologies! I see it now. Cheers!