Can I list all the fields from a row?

Hi all, new user here.
I don’t know if what I’m trying to do is outside of the scope for Glide, but I’m trying to create a property inspection app where a user could go down a list of things and tick things off and add comments on them (see images below).
What I’m struggling with it getting it to display the entered items in a sort of report sort of way. If I could just display the output in a single way I’d be happy.
I also can’t get it to display just one record, but I think I just need to learn how to use Relations and LookUps correctly.
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Hi Hobstar,

My name is Hassan and I am a glide professional with an experience of over a year. I help new users with their apps and pages and help them get familiarized with Glideapps tricks and tips.

You can schedule a call with me at your ease on Calendly - Hassan Nadeem and I can review your entire app for free and can help you as well :slight_smile:

Do you have a visualization of how you want it to look like? Pages’ design might still be limited, but you can get to at least part of what you need.


Thanks for they reply. :slight_smile:
This is the original form that the person I’m trying to help has to fill in manually. It does not have any room for comments, which they need, but it shows a pretty good representation of how a finished product would be be useful to look like.

I know I could make it MS Access or Excel with VBA, but I was hoping that with Glide they could use a tablet to do the property inspections

So you want to show it like this with checks for Good/Fair/Poor etc in the right places?

Honestly this might be too many “columns” for Glide Pages to handle. What I would do is to send the input data to a service like PDFMonkey, generate the resulting PDF and then update the PDF link back to the database.

Then in the details screen of the submitted form, show a button that leads users to the PDF link to view.

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Very clever. Thanks for your reply but I might seek alternative options. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if something like this app would work for you.
If you tap once the state changes to Good, twice → Fair; thrice → Poor ; quarce → opens the detail screen and allows the user to write a comment
The items list is shown in two different ways. You can choose the one you like
Property manager

Here’s a brainstorm type idea, hopefully some part of it is useful.

If you use a form to enter the data, you can have the form enter a new row for each inspection. (If you placed the fields on a page instead of a form, you’d likely just be updating the same row over and over.) In this scenario, each object (Doors, Window Screen, etc.) would be a column on a single table with values of Good Fair and Poor.

Also, you may find it easier to use if you have a comment box by section (Entrance) instead of by object. This would allow for visually discrete sections that the user can move through while removing unused comment box space.