Can I create a list of horizontal lists?

I’m trying to create an educational app where users scroll vertically through terms, and for each terms they are curious about, they should be able to scroll horizontally to learn more. Kind of like how multiple photos work on Instagram feed, or on a broader sense - like Netflix (a vertical list of carousels).

I’m trying all sorts of workarounds but I’m not sure what’s the right approach
Any idea would help

Have you tried using a custom collection?

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Yes I just got that now actually
I’m struggling with the data though. How can I associate each card to a cell / column in the record of the container row element? Seems like they only get assigned as individual rows.

What’s your use case to have to associate each card to a cell/column?

For flexible pieces of information

Band | Key point 1 | Key point 2 | Key point 3

“Radiohead” | Formed in … | Their music… | Nominated for…
“The Black Eyed Peas” | Members of the black eyed peas are… | Controversy around… | Known for…

Things like that
Trying to break down general information about each record to smaller pieces and show each piece in a separate card

I guess I would do it like this.

  • Have a Band table with one row for each band.
  • Have a Points table with the Band name or ID and one Key Point per row.
  • Create a multiple relation that links the Band Name or ID in the Band table to the Name or ID in the Points table.
  • Create a custom collection source from the band table. Inside the collection container, add @nother collection sourced from the relation.

In the end you’ll have a collection inside of a collection And everything is sourced from rows in both tables.


Got it, makes a lot of sense.

Really appreciate it :pray:

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