How to turn classic app carousel into horizontal collection

On classic apps I had an image array based carousel for profile pictures that i’m trying to convert into 1 main photo and 4 smaller back up photos shown in a horizontal row.

I have 2 problems so far…

On the computer version the pictures just aren’t becoming square despite the square icon, it’s just putting them in a square block.

On the phone version it’s putting them in a vertical row, which doesn’t work

so i think i need a different work around?

One workaround is to copy the array to a small helper table. Add an index column (0,1,2) and extract the images from the array with a single value → from start…using the index column for the row

Add a grid collection/ horizontal to your screen with the helper table as its source

I had a feeling i was going to have to make a new table.

My problem is that I always get confused trying to set up the helper table with those first columns to connect to the original table correctly. I need row id lookups, and single values, and arrays, and i get all confused lol

I hear ya… I don’t use the auto row number trick for small tables. I simply hard code a row number column (0,1,2) and proceed from there.

ive never done that. I need about 130 rows!