Horizontal social icons/picture rows on details page

SOCIAL LINKS: This takes up so much room and doesn’t allow for adding branded icons

PHOTOS: Would love an easy way to have a carousel of photos

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This is already possible. You just need an array of images, and use that as the source of an image component.

There are a number of ways to create an array of images:

  • Sequential numbering of Image columns in a connected Google Sheet (Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, etc)
  • By using the Make Array column
  • By using a Lookup column, either through a multiple relation or by directly addressing a table column
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Tell me if you want me to do something like @slscustom.ru linked above. I’m still maintaining that external code repo and can make changes as needed.

Hi Thihn. I tried to go the link but it came up blank?

So this is something you can create with code that you can modify to show different icons??

Yeah, we do that with the External Code column.

Hi Darren! I should have specified I want to be able to see multiple photos at once on a details page. I currently have profiles where I have a carousel that shows one photo at a time, but I’d love to be able to have a secondary smaller row of photos where you can do like 3 tile rows at once and look through them. Someone made me a video how to do it, maybe it was you? but it was little complicated and i was never able to finish it.

What’s your maximum number of photos for that list?

Social icons: That’s awesome, I’d love that. It looks like 7 is the maximum number of icons that can fit in a row?

Photos: a rotation of 6 photos would be nice?

Yeah, you shouldn’t have too much tbh, otherwise it looks very stretched.

And for the second one, a transpose to an inline list can work.

Sounds like you need to transpose an array of images so they can be used in an Inline List?

Here is a video that walks through this:

The video uses a Pages project, but the technique is exactly the same in Apps.


I deployed the social icons code for your database. This is how it would look.


Thank you so much Darren! I will try to replicate this and if I get stuck anywhere, I’ll let you know!!

That looks great!! So I would go in and remove the duplicate screen data for the social icons right?

Yeah, if you are ok with the new thing then you can remove the old ones.

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Looks perfect!!

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