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Hello community,

I’m creating some real estate list app and I’m looking to get photos set by specific rooms.

For exemple :

  • 1 photo set for bathroom 1
  • 1 photo set for bathroom 2
  • 1 photo set for bedroom 1

(SDB = bathroom)

For the moment, I created an array with all the bathroom’s 1 photos but when I link the array column to an inline list, I have only one photo showed.

Do you have any idea of how can I manage the datas to get the good result ?
Do not hesitate to make me suggestions if you ever find that my data layout is not the right one.


If you want a carousel, use an image component and set the source as your array column.

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Hello Daren, so clear and simple response, thanks !!

Do you know how can I get a zoom or show the carousel in full screen at this point ?

I’m not sure if this works with a carousel (and I’m not able to test it right now), but try using the “Enlarge Image” action on your Image component.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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