Creating a custom columns x rows for card collection component

Hi Glide peeps. I’m trying to create a board game which displays 10 x cards horizontally, and 10 x cards vertically. However I need to fix it to display 10 x 10 and not change as the screen is reduced. I understand it can be done using a data grid, but I am hoping to do this using the cards collection.
I’m getting some confusion between how this might be done using Glide Stable and Glide BETA.
Many thanks for the assistance. Michael.

I assume you’re using the new Glide Apps, and not Classic Apps?

I think it’s kind of hard to keep the same number of items on the same row when we have to consider the responsiveness of the design on different devices.

You might get away by using some sort of HTML, but I assume you want each of those cards to be clickable?

Hi ThinhDinh,
100% Newbie. And my issues seem to be timing. I’m getting instructions based on what would be simple work arounds in Classic, but I’m unsure how to switch to Classic.
I see what I am wanting to achieve acting and looking much like a calendar. I’ve built the 10 x 10 on a Data Grid collection however like you mentioned, it doesn’t behave the way I need it to. An action for each field etc… The Card collection is perfect looks wise as it looks like playing cards and I’m trying to build a custom card game using Glide.

I did see something in a video of a fellow building a Wordl game. He used some custom CSS to force 5 letters in boxes to show on a mobile screen. Was thinking I could use a letter instead of an image and place each letter inside a red or black box as a work around however I will need to show the suit (Heart, Diamond, Spade, Club) in each box. This is more a side project but it would just be really cool to build an original board game using Glide…

Yeah, that was most likely on the Classic Apps. You can do more work with CSS, but it can break any time, never officially supported.

For the new Glide Apps, you can only work with CSS on Business/Enterprise.

I don’t have a good suggestion for you. Are you storing your data on Glide Tables/Sheets or somewhere else?

Thanks. I do have the business subscription so I will try and find something using CSS.
I’m most comfortable building tables in Excel and uploading them to Glide. It’s all a learning experience for me that I am really enjoying. Until I can’t find a solution then I just get frustrated :slight_smile:

Up to this point it’s all very simple tables, but as I try and create drop and drag, shuffle cards and formula’s to make the game function as it should I’m sure the tables will be a whole new challenge.

Thanks again.

A word of advice. Try to avoid as much as possible any spreadsheet formulas, and instead try to think of your Excel sheets as pure data. This will force you to learn how to use Glide computed columns, with the added benefit that your App/s will be a lot snappier for your users, as you won’t have any sync delay issues.


Hi Darren,
Thanks for that advice. I will be taking it on board and making sure I use the Glide tables to create the formulas wherever possible moving forward. Not sure I’ll ever find it faster to enter the data using Glide but who knows.
Thank you.

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Please always let us know if you need any help with that!