Can i create a list component with source from a column?

For example, list of regions.

List takes vertical values, not horizontal… you can transpose horizontal values in Google sheets…

Depends on what you are using it for, but you should be able to use your existing list.

  • First add a RowID column.
  • Then create a single relation that links the region column back to itself.
  • Then create lookup column that retrieves the RowID from the relation.
  • Then create an IF column that checks if the lookup RowID matches the RowID in the row. If it does, return the Region value.
  • Now you can create an inline list filtered to only show rows where the IF column is not empty. That will give you a unique list of regions.
  • If you plan to use those regions as a category list, then you’ll want to change the action on the list from ‘Show Detail Screen’ to ‘Show New Screen’.
  • On that new screen, you can add an inline list filtered by the Screen Value Region.