Can a photo be added to a list page?

When using a LIST (Properties, Style, List) is it possible to have a photo on the opening page? Not on the individual items, but on the main page?

Yes, switch to detail style layout and add an image component and an inline list component.

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You are the best at Glide! Thank you Jeff!


@Jeff_Hager --> I was just playing with this option (details layout with inline list) – however there is an unfortunate trade off: you can’t use search box nor filter option is not available - pity though, this could be such a great UX - what I’m really after is a way to add some sort of “instructions” - short text - intro/headline - like on this example below (option a vs. b)

I just made an interesting discovery for myself (I guess) --> in the next screenshot observe the difference between the same layout - one placed as a tab icon at the bottom, the other as a menu item:

– this project I’m working on is related to my initial posts about the “open now” – so, I took this a bit further and am showing what businesses are open in a real time – at some point, the screen will be blank (in the middle of the night :slight_smile:) – therefore, it would be nice to use this blank space for some sort of information – any thoughts? thank you!!

You can enable search for an inline list by going to the features tab of the inline list and clicking the search checkbox. Unfortunately you don’t have the option for In-App Filtering. So you could still use the details layout and have search at least. If you really wanted, you could enable filtering with a choice component and a relation that uses that choice to build the inline list as well.