List Style vs Detailed Style

Hi Glide members.

I have a challenge when it comes to presenting an actual list in my app.

If I choose to go with the default List style, I can enable both nice filtering and the possibility to add new items in the list, if I am logged in.

However I cannot tweak the list to look how I want.

So I go for the Detailes style and I can tweak the look of the list which is great.

However Ioose the ability to use the built-in filter and cannot add new items, but only edit existing items.

How can I use the built in filter and allow for adding new items when using the Details style of a list?

/Cheers Måns

A Floating Form Button is a good alternative to the Add button when using a details style layout. Filtering is a little more complicated, because you have to build your own filtering functionality which may be a choice component, user specific column to hold the choice, and a couple more columns to make the filter work.

Can you explain more about tweaking the look of the list? Are you trying to apply CSS? If so, then yes, you are stuck with the details style layout.


THX for the reply.

Yes I am using CSS.

I have a clue of how to add my own filtering, but will definitely use the floating form button to allow for adding items. That’s a great idea :slight_smile:

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