Why does the add component '+' only show up on some screens?

I’m trying to customize different pages in my app, for example I may have a list page, but I also want to allow the user to toggle between lists. For example, maybe I have available/unavailable I can toggle between, or maybe there are three categories and then it filters the list beneath it (without going to filter). However, I can’t add any components to those pages. Am I doing something wrong? Can you only add components to pages that start with the Details view?

You can’t add components to list style layouts. Switch to details style layout to be able to add and remove components

Thanks. If I don’t use the list feature, there is no ability to search, filter. Are there any workarounds?

You can enable searches for components inside the details layout.

For the filter, you can add a user-specific column, then have a choice component written to it. Set conditional visibility based on that choice component’s value.


Ok thanks I will try this

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