Can a Form pull data from the sheet upon opening?

I am working on an app that would track post flight data for aircraft.

Two elements of the data are starting and ending values of the Hobbs meter (essentially an analog clock that logs flight time on the aircraft).

The starting Hobbs would be subtracted from the ending hobbs to yield flight time, and the Hobbs value itself would be tracked my maintenance, as certain inspections and component replacements occur at Hobbs milestones.

What I would like to set up is this: when the pilot opened the form (which would ultimately update a new data line in the sheet), the “Starting Hobbs” value in the form would auto-populate with the “Ending Hobbs” value in the previous row.

is this feasible?

Would there be any cases where the value should not be the one from the previous row?

I cannot think of a use case where the value would come from any other place than the last record (chronologically)

Where would you put the button in your app? I was thinking you can have a single value column to pull the last value from said column, then populate the next record with that last value via columns component.

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