Call for Templates: Group Scheduling/Availability

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Okay anyone can view what all staff members can see.

As you can imagine being the expert that I am at making hollywood style movie presentations, I am still working on the movie, but finally I will be done tonight.

If anyone wants to add themselves as admin or staff let me know.

Here are the full details before the video arrives shortly (couple of hours hopefully)!

Key template features

This template is designed to assist medium to large corporations with a sizable employee turnover in major business industries from the construction industry through the in-house/home patient care industry to almost any industry with mobile employment flexibility such as babysitters, hospitality staff, cleaning staff, door to sales staff etc. Staff add and publish their availability by date and shift (morning, afternoon, evening & night) which goes to the staff availability or scheduling hub. This is picked up by Admin, who then shortlist all available staff, select and posts the shifts to the general staff “group schedule hub” which if you like is the apps version of a company staff dashboard. The template, mindful of the fact that some industries see new staff come and go on regular basis and the impact such changes normally could have on business efficiency in terms of the time and costs involved in training new staff in the use of new technology, comes with step by step instructions on how to complete the process of adding and publishing new availability postings.

**This template requires no third-party integration. Everything takes place in-app.

Key features:

Front-end: how it works

  • Calendar & Card view options for staff
  • Add shift availability by morning, afternoon, evening, & night.
  • Shortlist and schedule staff by their designation such as carer, nurse, bricklayer, doctor, cleaner, etc., from the staff availability/schedule hub by date and shifts.
  • Add staff to the group schedule hub by name, designation, department, and site/location.
  • All staff can view the group schedule hub to see if their name appears on the directory.
  • All selected staff members receive automatic in-app confirmation of selection.
  • Admin removes all completed shifts.

Back-end: how it works


The calendar is based on a 14 day staff availability. On the plus side, the calendar auto updates itself, adding new dates. However, admin can increase the default 14 days to any number of days. The start time is set to occur at every 15 minute interval such as 10 am, 10: 15 am, 10:30 am and so forth as different departments within the same organisation may have different start and end times for rotating staff. Again, this default start (and end) time can be changed to any other time.

The 4 traditional shift slots used have the following start and end times (though again, a company could change it to different shifts slots in line with their countries economic concept of shift slots:

  • Morning = 12:00 AM - 11:59 AM
  • Afternoon = 12:00 PM - 5:59 PM
  • Evening = 6:00 PM - 8:59 PM
  • Night = 9:00 PM - 11:59 PM

This feature of the template is also probably its most distinguishing feature because a lot in the care, construction, hospital, etc., industry hinges on shift or zero hours contract work between set periods of the day. Being able to narrow down your search to availability by, say, morning or night is not offered by a lot of the more polished apps. But, thanks to Glide, we are now able to offer this much needed tool to the business industry.

Admin dashboard

  • Briefly, Admin controls everyone’s destiny.
  • Adds/removes other admins
  • Adds/removes/updates staff information
  • Adds/removes/updates/ site and department information
  • Shortlists staff for shift selection from the pool of available staff
  • Group schedules shifts**
  • Visibility of Admin tab set to Admin only

Staff hub (staff profile)

  • Are offered step by step guided tours on how to add availability (so no training required to use the app)
  • Can view availability in card or calendar style by date and shift
  • Can check the group schedule hub for confirmation in addition to receiving the same in their inbox
  • Visibility of Staff tab set to staff only

Staff availability/scheduling hub

  • Visibility of staff scheduling tab set to Admin only
  • Admin sorts by date and shift
  • Any dates not visible to Admin means no one has put them self forward for a date or shift in the current 14 day period. This obviates the need for Admin to search through piles of dates only to discover empty boxes.
    -Admin will initially see all available staff with date, time, and their designation (such as nurse or doctor) when switching between the 4 shift slots by date.
  • When ready, admin checks off the boxes next to availability, which then creates a shortlist by photo and name of the staff in question, prompting Admin to post them to the group schedule hub. Admin uncheck a box to deselect a member of staff.
  • Once sure, admin will add site/department information (if any) and publish the allocation for all to see.
  • As soon as the members of staff in question have been selected, their details will automatically disappear from the staff scheduling hub**

Group schedule hub (GSH)

This is where all selected shifts appear by date and slots. Everyone has access to this hub. It is displayed in calendar style for easy viewing by day, date, and shifts within those two.

Use case

  • Construction industry
  • Child care (babysitters) industry
  • In-home patient care
  • Building industry
  • Airline industry
  • Hospital industry
  • Hospitality industry
  • Cleaning industry
  • Teaching industry
  • Etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read the key features.


Okay @david I have submitted my template with video link.

Thank you, and hope it is what you had in mind when you created this thread.

Part 2: Demo of Group Scheduler

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I’ve been managing an app that does almost exactly this for our COVID testing sites & staff for our healthcare system. Users with scheduling permissions can create shifts at multiple locations and specify the roles and quantity needed for each (a drive-tru might need 6 testers, 2 couriers, etc while a mobile site’s needs vary). There’s also a separate Staff app where they can see their assignments and input their availability a week at a time. Schedulers can see this availability when assigning staff as well as any conflicts and total hours assigned so as not to exceed their pay scale. Users are also filtered based on teams and regions so schedulers can prioritize staff that work in their region first but can look outside that region when necessary.

It’s quite complex and requires a lot of custom javascript running in the Sheet. The biggest challenges have been identifying staffing conflicts and copying multiple rows at a time. Since staff can be assigned to multiple shifts per day and there’s potential for shifts to overlap it gets very difficult to find conflicts without running code.The ability to filter relations in the data view would help a lot. Additionally creating the shifts manually every day got very tedious for our schedulers so I implemented a schedule recurring event feature. They first create a Staffing Model that lists the type and quantity of staff needed (6 swabbers, 2 couriers, 1 shift leader), then submit a new recurring shift form that captures a date range and week days on which to repeat that shift. A script then creates all the individual shifts in that range and all the ‘shift requirement’ entries based on the staffing model. The reason I copy all these requirements individually is because they sometimes change the requirements for one individual shift without wanting to change the entire series.

I haven’t made a template out of this since it’s fairly specific to COVID in a couple places but could probably be done without too much effort. I’d probably want to wait until it could be done with less custom code though.

Here’s a copy of the staff orientation guide with screenshots:


Looks awesome and great PDF manual!

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The challenge for us Gliders is avoiding third party integration. I know workarounds exists, and have lots of tricks up my sleeve when called for, but I try to manipulate the editor whenever I can and We gliders are doing it very successfully. We all can deliver state of the art apps by integrating third party A to Z. If I wanted a third party experience I wouldn’t be here. Me and my team do that all the time when building non-Glide apps/websites.

What gives me the greatest pleasure as a Glider is when i am able to deliver templates that do not require scripts to run or other non-glide stuff. Most of my apps are living proof of that.


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Thank you Glide team for approving my template. Just received the good news. Now it’s time to hit the sack (almost 6 am ).

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