Work Scheduling System?

I have a client that runs a security company
They have different buildings that they staff security guards at and each building has its own manager that schedules the shifts for the guards.

Looking for a way to centralize everything to schedule the guards where each manager would have a login to enter the schedule for there location and then allow the guards to use the app and see when they are working.

is there a template for this or suggestion on how to set this up?

Thank you.

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There is no template for this, but if you only need a scheduler for 2 managers and employees that shouldn’t take but an hour to build. If you do not have someone to build it for you by days end I will do it when I get off. But I imagine it should only take really 15 minutes then of course a back and forth with you to identify the visuals and what you want it to look like.

@scott74 have you had a look :eyes: Templates • Glide

I have the reverse of this in my Our Availability template…this one lets users schedule what times they’re available and then let’s admins assign them based on availability.

Thanks… i did end up seeing one here but like yours it works in reverse

Yes thank you. Found one but works in revers… :frowning:

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Awesome… Saw one in the templates that looked nicely laid out.

So basically would want a drop down of all the guards names that the schedule person could select from for there locations so they don’t have to type much… Then the location and shift times.

Then the Guards would have a spot to see what their schedule looks like for the week and so on… I can tweak as I go. Let me know

We could set it up so when the guards login they would see their schedules only, would that be something you would want?


Are you still needing this?

correct… new here so not letting me reply only so much in first 24hrs.
Is there a way to have some sort of view for the schedulers that keeps the schedule in like a calendar view?

Yeah…Glide doesn’t look like that…

You might want to try Click-Up, 100% free for small projects like this. The mobile version we can make look like that but the full screen version is just not there yet.

I will try and figure something out…

Getting confused on where to use formulas on Glide side or Gsheet side so I lay this out right. Two important things are schedule and QR reader which I hear through grape vine is coming out in a few weeks.

What do you mean about the “schedule” part coming out in a few weeks?

QR reader has been in staging for like 2 months, I really want it to be pushed to production.


Yeah, the QR reader we do not know for sure on just yet…

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Meant QR Reader… I am working on my own scheduler