Agenda & Scheduling

Hi all. I’d like to see if it’s possible and if someone already implemented an agenda to schedule appointments. Does anyone have tips for this?

Absolutely! Here’s a few screenshots from an app I built to manage the schedules for COVID drive-thru testing sites.

There’s a built in agenda style list (first image) that works pretty well. I usually use a Template column to format that one to include an emoji/status LED and a combination of text info.

For staff I ended up getting fancier and made a Google Now inspired UI. It’s more complex but essentially the tab shows a Users sheet Details view, on that view are multiple Inline Lists with the Tile style. In Sheets I used multiple IF formulas to categorize the dates as Past/Today/Tomorrow/This Week/Next Week/This Month/Next Month/Later and filter each of the Inline Lists to only show events in that category.

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Yep! Created this a couple months ago or so.

Hasn’t hit the template store yet because I’m waiting for Glide to have date calculation in the data editor. Right now, the 5-second delay is a bit frustrating.

Increíble app!! Looks very good, how do you make the colors circles?

Looks like emoji

Soooo great solutions that you’ve made and brought to me! Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Another question: Is this agenda feature a PRO one?

No, you can achieve this with everything that is available under the free version. If you are looking for a basic example, you can check out the Booking example in