Calendar Input - Change Year Selector

Hi. I have been playing with your Confetti App. If I add someone to the Birthday list on the App, it is clear that the calendar input you use to add Date of Birth needs to have a year selector as well as a day/month one. Currently to add my DoB involves around 800 screen taps. (Yes, I’m quite old!)

Are you doing this on your computer or on a phone? Phones typically have much better interfaces for selecting dates. The date picker uses the built in date selection tool that is native to the phone.

Yeah, what device are you using? On my Mac when I copy the Confetti app and enable Add, I can click on the actual yyyy area and manually type the year. But even if I use the dropdown I can scroll pretty fast to a year. I admit I did not try on a mobile device.

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Ah! It’s a Galaxy S9 and until I looked again just now I hadn’t seen that the Year showing at the top of the calendar was actually changeable, so yes, it’s fine now! Thanks very much for your prompt replies.

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