Calendar Inline List Label Bug?

I just made 2 inline list to set different visibility of signed in user. But why the list can’t display the Calendar Label? Only the calendar is displayed properly.

Do you mean the Calendar label that displays when you use the Calendar component rather than an inline list?

Like this “Test” when I use the Tiles Inline List. This text is not showing if I change the Inline List Type to Calendar.

@Jaime You could always add a Rich Text component and add your label that way.

We’ll fix this. Thank you for reporting!

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Thank you Mark!

Hi @Mark, when will you fix this issue? Hope you didn’t forget about this :grinning:

We haven’t, but we haven’t gotten to it yet, sorry.

Hi @Mark FYI Currently the label text is not showing for Inline List -> Layout -> Map.

Since it’s a similar issue to this post I figured that this might be the best place to mention it vs a new post.