Calendar do not show all events in weekly and day view

Page with problem:

Events showing correctly in Month view, but most of them do not show in week and in day view.

Expected behavior:
All events visible in month view should also be visible in other views

How to replicate:
Just open the page and change the view from month to week, sometimes there are some of entries, but never all of them. Month view works correctly all the time.

Just discovered – If you set “Default day” option from “today” to “earliest” it start to work fine =/

So ultimately it seems like you were not viewing the correct day when you switch to the day view?

Sorry for long delay.
Date is correct.
But booking which is visible in monthly view disapear in weekly and day views.
See attached screen, in month view October 22nd two reservations:

And in weekly view I can see only reservation on October 19th. The next one in November is again visible.

this workaround lasted for one week and do not work now

I would suggest submitting a ticket.

Hi guys!

Please, can you share what was the solution to this problem? I’m facing the same problem. See below:

Month view ok

Week/Day view dosen’t working

I didnt find solution, but it started to work fine after few weeks.

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