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Buenas tardes a todos.

Como puedo hacer en un calendario para bloquear los días que son domingo y no poderlos seleccionar.
Ya que mi negocio se encuentra cerrado.

Muchas gracias.


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Do you do this inside a form?

I assume you can follow the steps like this.

  • Create a Math column in your destination table with the format


With D being the date you let the user choose here.

  • In your form, add a hint text telling people that Sundays can’t be picked. Show the hint component only when the Weekday column above equals 1 (equivalent to Sunday).

  • Add a rich text component and add the code below.


[data-test="nav-button-Enviar"] {
opacity: 0.4;
pointer-events: none;

Then show the rich text component only when weekday equals 1. This will disable your “Enviar”/“Submit” button when the chosen date is Sunday.

Let me know if it works.

Thank you ThinhDinh, your solution solved my issue :+1:

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