How to make a day of the week filter based on the selected date?

Hello everyone This is my first application, it helps to order dishes, but the menu is different on different days of the week. How do I make sure that when a person chooses a date, he gets a list with the day of the week for which he chose? At the moment, I have implemented so far that the client chooses the date and the day of the week separately.

There is no need for your users to enter date and day of the week separately.
Just have them enter a date, and you can determine the day of the week using a math column with the formula Weekday(Date). You can then use that to create a relation to your Menu to get a list of available dishes for that day. Exactly how that relation is created depends on how you have your Menu table defined.

Can you provide a screen shot of your Menu table?

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Thank you very much! I’ll try to do

Hi the way you say it @Darren_Murphy
It is the way however as you are new, I will explain step by step:
1 . Create a date type column:

2. Then create a math column and add the function Weekday(Date)

day of the week, as number from 1-7 (Monday is 1, Sunday is 7)
Create a column where you specify the days of the week in which this dish will be available

4. Create a relationship column with the days of preparation of the dishes and today

I hope this helps.


Dillan, thank you very much for the answer! But my problem is that it needs to be done not for the order date, but for the date on which the order will be selected by the user. In the screenshot, I showed step by step how I have implemented so far.

  1. The person chooses the date on which day the order will be placed.
  2. He additionally chooses the day of the week so that he sees the breakfast menu for the day he chose.
  3. Then, when he has selected a day of the week from the list, the menu of the desired day is already shown.

I need to exclude the 2nd stage so that not a person chooses the date and then the menu of the desired day immediately appears to him. I hope I explained it clearly.

I think to get what you want, you’ll probably need to switch to a custom form.

Are you able to make your app copyable?
If you do that, I can take a copy and make the adjustments.

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Просто сделать копию приложения?


Yes, thanks. I have a copy.
I didn’t realise that the App was in Russian, so it might take me a little while to figure it out :slight_smile:

@Antonzverr - how do I get to the above screen?
Also, I’m a little confused. The text in the above screen shot is English, but the app that you shared is all in Russian. Do you have an English version of the App?

No, I just translated it through the browser.

how do I get to the above screen? This is the button at the bottom of the main page “Оставить заявку”–> “Белокуриха”

I think it might be easier if I make a small concept app that demonstrates how to do what you need. It will be in English - is that okay?

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Yes, I’ll figure it out

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Darren, good afternoon! I made a simplified version of the application in English, can you show it on this application?

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I’ll have a look today.

(I hadn’t forgotten about you, and I’d started building a concept yesterday - I just didn’t have time to finish it)

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@Antonzverr - here, try this…

Please let me know if you have questions.