Date component restricting date options

Hi Team,

I want to prevent anyone choosing a date within the next 48 hours, is that possible. At the moment the only option I am seeing “now or later”

No… you would have to build your own calendar, very complicated…

Click my profile to see the sample (schedule meeting link)

The only way in native calendar would be to give warning after choosing the date

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Thanks Uzo. :face_with_head_bandage:

That looks super amazing. I love the whole UI/UX. Can it easily adapted for car rentals ?

As I mention, is very complicated… but yes it can be adapted to any business

You can kind of do this with a custom form. Because a custom form gives you the opportunity to create your own validation checks, you can prevent a user from submitting the form if the selected date falls outside a given range (and show a warning). You can’t stop them from selecting any date, but you can stop them from submitting with an invalid date.

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There’s also an option to do it with CSS to disable the submit button, assuming this is Glide Apps. It would be a rich text component that becomes visible when the date is not within the next 48 hours.

However, it runs the risk of a user going into the source code and editing that CSS snippet to make the submit button available, since it’s “originally” clickable.