Blockout Dates

Is there a way to create a block out date method? My use case would be Some one adds a 10:00am time block to Feb the 1st. I do not want them to be able to enter any other times on the current date. The big part of this is the user can add time blocks for up to a week at a time. So I need a way to identify if they have added any time slots (toggles) for any day. And if something exists they cannot add any times to that data already added.

I wish this were a native feature in the date/time and event picker…but it’s not. You’d have to do something like my meet with me or meet with us templates:

Hey @Robert_Petitto this is my setup…

As you see, there is no need for end times in my case just start times basically.

I need a bit of clarification by when you say “they”.

Which scenario(s) do you want? Reply with the numbers from the list below…

When User A selects 10:00 on Feb 10th…

  1. User A can no longer select ANY time on Feb 10th.
  2. User A can still select other times on Feb 10th.
  3. User B and C can select ANY time on Feb 10th.
  4. User B and C can only select 2:00 or 6:00 on Feb 10th.
  5. Other…?
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So each user can select up to 3 times each day. But only one shot to do so. So if the user selects 10am, and 2pm then submits, that’s it for that day. But each user A, B, C, etc can do the same.